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With you💜

It’s been years we haven’t met,
But I know it doesn’t signify the end,
The look on your face I still remember,
Gleeful eyes with a big smile of inventor!

I know you’re busy with work,
But i still find ways to tame my luck,
For the time we can spend with each other,
Like we used to do, even after the supper!

World used to turned into a black hole!
Where racing time turns into stillness of pole,
Your creative hands just awestruck me everytime,
And you boosting me up, pushing my lifeline!

You’ve left me, but i’m still there, since past 2 years,
Trapped in the hole, retracing time like layers
With a heart full of hope ,lay inactive me,
In the corner of your drawer!

Just tried to write a small parcel of emotions that my quilling kit, resting desperately,feels in my drawer, waiting for her friend to live that AQ’s time again!


Sane Again!

In a world of mysteries,
Where eyes are glistening with storms,
In the mist of foggy lies,
Falling asleep is one of the best parts!

Where I look same as in the mirror,
Without any brightened lights and filter,
Past those factitious look of other,
Sieving my originality out of black and glitter!

In my cosy blankets, snug and safe,
Each vivid hue enter in,
With no demarcation of fat and waif,
No mad race for loss and win,

I find myself in the deep sea!
Where there is peace,
Where I can fly high and be free,
Where no stress is on lease!

Where ties of gravity fades to nothing,
Where I become sane again!

-Ashee Asiwal


This 5 letter word.. Which is commonly known since an early age…. Isn’t it?
But yet it is not properly used
Some use it too much and some doesn’t ever utter it…
In both these case the value of word depletes…
Often, we say sorry without really meaning it, or to end up some heated discussion or anything else, it’s just reduced to a mere word or can say slang these days….

But more valuable is that we really mean it when we say!!!!!! From heart! ♥️

So next time, when we made a mistake before that regular pronunciation of the word… we’ll first feel it! 😃And don’t allow our ego to prevent us being a better person!

Out of mind is out of sight!

‘Out of sight is out of mind’,
Is what I supposed to be so unkind,
Surrounded by the huge “crowd”,
I never tried to remove the cloud..

Happy for you, proud for you!
Looking forward to a long lasting brew,
In my happy moment you were treasured,
Making me a lot more than assured..

Missing those messages flooding chat,
Cause that was my irritating pleasure habitat..

After some time, there I stand,
Casting and recasting lumos with my wand,
Until I got to there, to the old happy times,
But the lumos fades just after it comes,

Empty chats, empty words, empty aspiration,
Say me the truth, rather than exaggeration,
Bitter truth is better than sugar coated lies,
But who cares? Who actually see the eyes?

And why even my eyes wasted droplets,
In between the lines, filling the goblets??

Out of sight out of mind is true!!!!
Sorry dear line not able to see what it value!
Off you go! I’ve made my mind,
Who is me for you to bind??

-Ashee Asiwal 🙂

It’s too much!!!

Hi everyone! Hope you all are fine and happy!
It’s been a long time I’ve not posted anything! My apologies.. Actually I was blank for few weeks.. No idea was striking to my mind.. Might my mind refused to give me any idea and put a lock on itself 😜

So rolling back to the topic…. It’s something related to life… Thinking or can say over thinking on useless things!
Whatever step we take, a new venture, whatever it be! We think more about “what others would say? ” “What will they think about us?” that’s because of prejudice or the stereotypes! (which we were made aware in 6th standard but unfortunately many have not been able to overcome it)

This world runs because of us ….. Yeah! Then why we have to run according to the people around us? Why to answer question society put on us?

Why not invent something new, take on a new venture, do something different, irrespective of what others would say!
If you believe in yourself and has full confidence over your plan.. Then start it! Now!

Yeah there will be critics waiting eagerly to point out anything wrong in your work! 😏
But why care? People always have something to say! Like in the picture below 👇

I really learned it! Not to think too much for the others that don’t matter… At all!
Follow your dreams!