Sane Again!

In a world of mysteries,
Where eyes are glistening with storms,
In the mist of foggy lies,
Falling asleep is one of the best parts!

Where I look same as in the mirror,
Without any brightened lights and filter,
Past those factitious look of other,
Sieving my originality out of black and glitter!

In my cosy blankets, snug and safe,
Each vivid hue enter in,
With no demarcation of fat and waif,
No mad race for loss and win,

I find myself in the deep sea!
Where there is peace,
Where I can fly high and be free,
Where no stress is on lease!

Where ties of gravity fades to nothing,
Where I become sane again!

-Ashee Asiwal


This 5 letter word.. Which is commonly known since an early age…. Isn’t it?
But yet it is not properly used
Some use it too much and some doesn’t ever utter it…
In both these case the value of word depletes…
Often, we say sorry without really meaning it, or to end up some heated discussion or anything else, it’s just reduced to a mere word or can say slang these days….

But more valuable is that we really mean it when we say!!!!!! From heart! ♥️

So next time, when we made a mistake before that regular pronunciation of the word… we’ll first feel it! 😃And don’t allow our ego to prevent us being a better person!

Out of mind is out of sight!

‘Out of sight is out of mind’,
Is what I supposed to be so unkind,
Surrounded by the huge “crowd”,
I never tried to remove the cloud..

Happy for you, proud for you!
Looking forward to a long lasting brew,
In my happy moment you were treasured,
Making me a lot more than assured..

Missing those messages flooding chat,
Cause that was my irritating pleasure habitat..

After some time, there I stand,
Casting and recasting lumos with my wand,
Until I got to there, to the old happy times,
But the lumos fades just after it comes,

Empty chats, empty words, empty aspiration,
Say me the truth, rather than exaggeration,
Bitter truth is better than sugar coated lies,
But who cares? Who actually see the eyes?

And why even my eyes wasted droplets,
In between the lines, filling the goblets??

Out of sight out of mind is true!!!!
Sorry dear line not able to see what it value!
Off you go! I’ve made my mind,
Who is me for you to bind??

-Ashee Asiwal 🙂

It’s too much!!!

Hi everyone! Hope you all are fine and happy!
It’s been a long time I’ve not posted anything! My apologies.. Actually I was blank for few weeks.. No idea was striking to my mind.. Might my mind refused to give me any idea and put a lock on itself 😜

So rolling back to the topic…. It’s something related to life… Thinking or can say over thinking on useless things!
Whatever step we take, a new venture, whatever it be! We think more about “what others would say? ” “What will they think about us?” that’s because of prejudice or the stereotypes! (which we were made aware in 6th standard but unfortunately many have not been able to overcome it)

This world runs because of us ….. Yeah! Then why we have to run according to the people around us? Why to answer question society put on us?

Why not invent something new, take on a new venture, do something different, irrespective of what others would say!
If you believe in yourself and has full confidence over your plan.. Then start it! Now!

Yeah there will be critics waiting eagerly to point out anything wrong in your work! 😏
But why care? People always have something to say! Like in the picture below 👇

I really learned it! Not to think too much for the others that don’t matter… At all!
Follow your dreams!

Leibster Award (1+1+1+1)🤩

Hello everyone! Hope you are all safe and happy 😀👍🏻

I’m elated to share with you all that I received 4 Leibster Award!!! Wow 4… Four… 🔢
It really means a lot to me…

So I was first nominated by Sakshi of DXN with Sakshi on Jul 26 (I’m not late na😜 to post it after 10 days 😅😂😂) Her blog is about “Health Wealth and Happiness” and she writes lots of food blogs on a Malaysian marketing company—DXN. And provides lot of information on food items.. Do visit her blog and you’ll get to know about extraordinary facts about food!

Also it’s my greatest pleasure to receive Leibster Award from Potterheadaanya of Soaring Firebolt! She writes about my favourite topic.. that is.. facts about Harry Potter book’s characters (I specifically like that Luna’s post 🤩🤩) or post related to Wizarding world.. You can visit her blog here and be delighted to enter into the magical world.

And a big thank you to Dakshali Gupta of A thought on my plate for nominating me for this award. Her wonderful and beautiful poetry always fills me with delight! Do visit her blog and explore the awesome poems…

Arati Banstola of Rtistic.. Thank you so much for the honour.. I’m in love with her blog.. Really.. Her beautiful sketches along with magnificent poem and thoughts! Don’t miss out a chance to visit her beautiful blog of ideas and creativity

Again thank you so much Sakshi, Aanya, Dakshali and Arati!! Its an honor to receive this award from you all…

Just as Beatrice’s (or tris) mom said rules are rules so as I’ve to follow them 😜(I hope you know tris from fantastic novel series Divergent)


  1. Thanks the blogger who has nominated you and provide the link of their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 question given to you.
  3. Nominate 11 other blogger
  4. Ask your nominees 11 question.
  5. Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post.

Now Questions time! (and my answers ofcourse 😁)

Sakshi’s question for me

1. Where do you see yourself in next 2-3 years?
Ummm… In the last year of graduation or starting my post graduation in commerce 😁😀

2. Your funniest moment?
Every day there are additions to it so I can’t tell one 😂😂and the reason for it is my friends of #daviansrock (amazing whatsapp group)

3. Health or wealth?
Ofcourse Health.. cause there’s no wealth in absence of health, isn’t it?

4. Your proudest moment?
It is yet to come.. When I’ll get my dream job..and on my own help others
Until today…my recent 12th result 😀

5. What is it you like the most about yourself?
To make anything creative from the limited resources I’ve

6. Best three phrases to describe yourself?
Creative, willingness to learn something new, ambitious

7. Has your personality changed since childhood? Reason?
Yes!! I think it happens with all… Because change is the only constant 😀We get experiences in life and change into better version of ourselves

8.What makes you the happiest and why?
My family and friends!

9. What makes you keep blogging?
Wonderful blogger friends and their constant motivation.

10. What is the first thing you think in the morning?
Food. Food and Food😂

11. Your favourite song?
It’s keep on changing 😂.

Aanya’s Question and my answers

1–During online classes these days how many times have you searched the answers the teacher is asking on the internet?
Luckily I’m saved from the new online classes.. Cause I’ve just passed my 12th class😜

2-What is your greatest wish?
First, To be able to get my dream job and visit the hogwarts in London (although it’s museum) 😜

3-Do you like emojis or not?
Like? No..
Actually I love it..

4–Who is your favorite author?
JK Rowling(harry potter novels) and Veronica Roth(divergent series)

5-Your favorite book series?
Above mentioned 😁😁

6–Are you talkative or silent?
In between 😜

7-One thing you dislike or like about any of your favorite author?
I love their stories and how they make us delve into their world

8-Do you have siblings?

9-Do you play any instruments?
Guitar.. A bit 😜but planning to learn piano in winters

10-Introvert or extrovert?

11-Your hobbies.
Quilling, Craft, reading, listening songs

(I hope you’re not getting bored 😅😅)

Dakshali’s and Arati’s question and My answers

1.Introvert or Extrovert? Reason?
Ambivert 😁😁😁
I think I’m taking middle way these days 😂

2.Which is your Favorite movie and why?
Harry Potter movies.. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it 😂😁

3. When is your birthday??????????6 November (3 months from now 😁 I always like counting months left for my birthday 😊)

4.Who are your favorite bloggers?

Each and every blogger is favourite to me… I learn new things form each blogger

5.Describe yourself in 5 words?

3 I’ve already mentioned that’s all I know 😊

6.What’s your ambition?

I’ve already told.. my wish is my ambition 😀
And to help the people in best of my capability

7 . What’s special about the country you live in?

Everything 😍🤩

8. Favorite destination outside your country?


9. Best advice by your best friend?

To be positive (B+ although I don’t have this blood group😜)

10.Your best way of passing time?

Reading, Quilling, craft

11.Tell one of your good memory ?

My long trips with my family in Goa, Mumbai, Himachal pradesh etc……


1. Akshita1776
2. My art and life
3. Kim’s magic
4. Prerna’ s blog
5. The lightening bug
6. Aashi d parekh
7. Dulcy Singh
8. Shreya
9. The night of the pen
10. Era
11. Mercury Twin

My Questions Your answers!

You can choose any 11 out of 33.. I answered

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