Acknowledgement and plagiarism

Ain’t these words stand in complete contrast to each other?????

I was brought in an atmosphere that kindness, acknowledging the other, etc. Comes naturally to me…. I’ve seen many persons brewed up with even more such qualities…but at same, people having so regard for others also….

One day i was browsing through internet and came across a site for those who writes poems, quotes… Its a platform given to briming writers .. But as I scrolled up the site there was a note given on the site it says
“Please write your own content/thought/ideas…plagiarism is prohibited”

And I thought if there might be world where this is law applies even to smallest situation…
As I’ve been gone through acknowledgement and plagiarism both so i came to know about it’s intricacies…..
Acknowledging someone and encouraging is very important in every walks of life… Because the creator is given due recognition and even if someone copies other’s content or idea after that then there’s no issue..
Also it gives boost to the creator..

But plagiarism is the one that could break the worth of original creator’s art.. 🎨… It destroys their sense of pride..
Since I’ve been gone through 👉🙌👈 it I truly understands the feeling of being plagiarism and want to promote “due acknowledgment to other and avoid plagiarism”

I just want to discuss it with others as I’ve been through many articles upon this.
Please comment below your thoughts upon this..

Published by Ashee Asiwal

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