Overcoming my fear

For me till the previous year.. English was like…not cup of my tea… I used to feel so uncomfortable before my English exam.. And just want it to end soon… As a result got an average result in that….. But because of some motivational people in this world I’ve tried to come out of this fear… Not only tried English but poems also…

I heard from a great motivational speaker that the ultimate truth of life is death, so why we are worrying all the time, living a deadly life just because of our fears, we should live our life fully without any tiny glint of fear in our mind…so she suggested the way…. Way to overcome our fears….. That is… To list down the fears over a parchment and overcome those one by one…

So I’ve written a some lines about the same…. Hope you like it

Came here to encounter with my fear
To make new friends my dear
Here I started my blog on this site
To read or write something in English every night
Now my fear no longer annoyed me
I just want my poems to glee
To become more proficient in this art
To make beautiful poem chart

You are invited in comment section for your views…

Published by Ashee Asiwal

Hi.. I'm just one of your friends trying to connect with u via this platform.. Pouring out my heart felt topicsss....... for about myself read about me.....

12 thoughts on “Overcoming my fear

  1. You’ve taken a really bold step. Not everyone is able to overcome their fears, it’s a really difficult and hard thing to do. But with more people like you encouraging other that they can do it , I believe it would go a long way.

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    1. I would be delighted if someone get inspired to overcome their fear from me…. I think it’s a chain of inspiration… From one to other…. if that works… nobody would be scared of anything…

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  2. Hi Ashee, I was looking for new blogs to read and I stumbled upon yours.
    I undersrand learning a new language is hard and at times it can be scary too but you’re putting in your effort to improve and make it work. So all the best and keep trying. As cliche as it may sound, regular practice is the only way to get better!

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