Strange School (Part 2)

It was a collosal building beautified with garden all around. Even in darkness the school was shining, giving the proof of its prestigiousness & justifying the rave reviews I’d read in the brochure.
We hurried our footsteps to the gate. There was written a big note in bold italic letters highlighted
*To All New comers, welcome
For students
->You can proceed directly to the dormitory
->Take map from the box beside for the directions
For the parents/teachers
You are invited to the feast upstairs
(take lift from the right side)

I glanced at my father for a moment trying to capture his image in my eyes and we parted for our ways.
I walked straight meanwhile glancing at the map only to find myself incapable of interpreting the strange symbols and icons.
Soon following the map I came across very peculiar staircase mad of steel. The steps apparently extending to infinity. Each step seemed like an obstacle in a hurdle race. First half of the step mad of steel and the rest half empty! Just like piano keys, black ones the solid steel and white was just void. In the normal stairs, you need mainly vertical motion of your leg, but here move your leg horizontally as well to cross the gap from which you can see the ground beneath waiting for you foot to get into the white space and got swallowed. It appeared like climbing a striped mountain one strip metallic and the other just transparent air!

By Ashee Asiwal

Thank you Bhavya for helping me frame the paragraph of stairs for seeing and experiencing what I saw!!!

Comment section is waiting for you guys for your prediction about the story or views, experience!!!

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