Strange School šŸ˜± (Part 4)

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All the chairs were already occupied by the girls there, I was already exhausted, so I just rushed to my bed. I found my name in capital letters, scratched in the four poster bed. It was strangely embossed, as though some amateur has done the job.
I don’t remember for how long I slept but the condition in the dormitory was same as before! All the girls were doing same same thing as before I slept! Those reading, we’re reading the same page; those writing, writing the same sentence.
I doubted myself, have I even slept or it was just a blink? I was all puzzled, while came a girl, in front of me. She was staring me with a clenched jaw. I asked her ‘what’s the matter?’ , but she just stared in my eyes. However, I gave away the eye contact and pulled up the blanket to my head. But she pulled it down, her blank, white shining eyes growing larger by every second, changing colour to bright silver..
A chill ran down my spine, when I saw all the other girls in dormitory moving slowly towards me, their eyes darted in my direction. ‘I should run from this place’ I said to myself. A feeling of dread crept up from the pit of my stomach. I sprinted up the aisle between the beds and the chairs. My heart in my ear, loud and irregular, but I barely heard it, for my mind was clouded with fear, as I ran out of the dormitory, barefoot. The only last thing I saw there was, all of them drawing to the handkerchief, lying on my bed, soaked in blood!! Fear crippled me, freezing every muscle of my body.
I ran with all my strength upstairs, hoping to see my father or any of teachers that would help me. Thankfully, there was an elevator for going upstairs. I sighed with relief. As I pressed the button (signed upwards), I felt someone hit hard on the back of my head. There was a big pause as my mind felt numb. My stomach felt sick, then one by one, l lost control of my limbs, until I clasped to the floor, as the life fluid was draining.. With my blurry eyes, I saw a hooded figure running backwards, evaporated into the thin air. Icy horror grab my heart and took even deeper hold of me..

Published by Ashee Asiwal

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