Strange School 😱 (Part 5)

So continuing the story!!!!!

For two hours I was there struggling to gather strength, but in vain, pain seared inside my head, making me handicap to move.
I just stared at the patch of starry sky, visible through the window beside elevator. It was dark, yet I could see objects around me shimmering in strange, vibrant colours.
The trees out there seemed not to rustle as if they tens with nerves for what was to come. I could describe it as creepy, eerie was closer to it.
The sky was devoid of shining stars and moon.
Soon that ominous silence was broken by the noise of a pair of steps, I could only see a paining, vibrant light bouncing here and there. As it hit the ceiling, I caught a glimpse of hundred of bats with their wings tucked in tight. The moment the beam hit, they flew, with much screeching the air above me was instantly alive with a flurry of black skin stretched over bone. They swooped, moving more like a liquid than a flock. In minutes, screeching had dissipated into footsteps coming near me. The pain no longe annoy me,as I lay on the floor.i crosse to oblivion. The curtain of life fell.

I experienced excruciating pain in my whole body, while I was being carried away to the hospital. It seemed my head had equally distributed it pain to each and every part of my body… That was my father but not actually he was. He was jinxed or hypnotised type of something, I was very sure as he couldn’t take this matter so lightly, leaving me in the bed of this dreadful school, all alone!

Published by Ashee Asiwal

Hi.. I'm just one of your friends trying to connect with u via this platform.. Pouring out my heart felt topicsss....... for about myself read about me.....

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