Strange School 😱 (Part 6)

I hope you all will read the story from part 1, cause it will give the real feel!(to see other parts click the tag strange School story)

Next day, early morning, I saw a familiar person standing by the side of my bed, he seemed like a doctor, but without that white coat, dressed casually. He had fine ,soft , almost silk like hairs parted sideways , which he kept caressing to stop them from slipping to his forehead..He was writing something on his cardboard. He make me eat some medicine, just like my father! My eyes filled with tears! I hope I never decided to join this school, but to go with my parents.. I wish I could!

After an hour or so, I felt conscious. My vision cleared, there was “only” throbbing pain in my head and my stomach churned. But it got worse after I saw the face of doctor, I was drawn into a river of thoughts…. That person treating me.. Was no other person but very familiar one… Whom I can trust after my family…His short, thick black hair were reflecting the sunlight towards my blanket… His caring eyes tended my wounds… But I was surprised to know that he was here! He is not related to anything like medicine! He wasn’t supposed to be here?..
His cold touch ended my musings and I realized, he was asking me to show him the back of my head to apply some medicine. It was cold, a pure white liquid. I moved left, but I can still see him through the polished surface in front of me.
At first I screamed to my highest pitch, when I caught the sensation of the antiseptic… It was like igniting fire in my head!! But gradually it felt like cold ice which soothed me.
But it was in such a confused ο˜• state. I know him, he too, but we were like strangers. But his beady, small and round eyes, the eyes which are keen but also kind, his expression were all same as my uncle. I wished to say him, talk to him about what all I had been going through, but as my voice refused to come out..

Do comment if you liked the story, to boost my enthusiasm!! 😊

Published by Ashee Asiwal

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9 thoughts on “Strange School 😱 (Part 6)

  1. I thought today I will read just the first part of this story but the moment I started reading it, I started to get immersed in it and now I’m on part 6 and will continue to read further. This is an outrageous story and I’m looking forward to the next season.
    Thank you Miss Ashee for writing a story like this and letting us all read it by posting it on your blog.
    I also want to tell the readers that they should play a horror instrumental music before you read it as it will give you the true sensational feel of this story and if possible the writer itself(Miss Ashee) should add an intense and horror kind of background music to the story or should post a link of one so that thew readers can really get much engaged in the story.
    Thank a lot to you who is reading this comment.
    – Jatin Kumar

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