Strange School 😱 (complete)

I thought its better to combine all the parts… So here is the complete story

I don’t know whether you’ll believe or not but it happened with me… A very strange incidence
One day, previous year only…
I got up to hear different unbearable noises which were coming from the other rooms of my house. When I came to my senses, I saw all the furniture in my room, packed in large corrugated boxes except the bed I was sleeping on. There were a lot of noises.. Phone ringing, bustling sounds from furniture being transferred from one place to another, crushing of plastic that was being used to cover the showpieces. And then I realised, I spoke to myself “how can I forget! That’s the height of irresponsibility!!……How can I forget that today we are leaving this city to shift to another and I ,however, to the hostel, to a new, a very reputed famous prestigious school.”It seemed like it was only yesterday that I passed the exam and online interview and got selected for the school.

Plunging into reality I tried to find some watch or phone to know how much time is left to board the flight and just to add to the Series of shocks, I found it was 12 already and I had got only one hour for my packing!  In a breath, I packed all my essentials..
I was quite happy to go to that school which is so famous for its education but also a lil bit sad to leave my parents for a year.
Without wasting a single moment, I soon got the cab and we drove off for the airport. My sister decided to escort me to the airport where my father would get me through the formalities and would take me to my new school. But in today’s time how can we swiftly go without encountering the heavy rush of traffic. But those hours amidst the traffic and on the flight passed like few moments because I was deeply diving through my excitement, new friends and lot more….. I had enough thoughts to find myself reached at my destination that was the entrance of my school.. (around 9 pm)

It was a collosal building beautified with garden all around. Even in darkness the school was shining, giving the proof of its prestigiousness & justifying the rave reviews I had read in the brochure.
We hurried our footsteps to the gate. There was written a big note in bold italic letters highlighted
*To All New comers, welcome
For students
->You can proceed directly to the dormitory
->Take map from the box beside for the directions
For the parents/teachers
You are invited to the feast upstairs
(take lift from the right side)

I glanced at my father for a moment trying to capture his image in my eyes and we parted for our ways.
I walked straight meanwhile glancing at the map only to find myself incapable of interpreting the strange symbols and icons.
Soon, following the map, I came across very peculiar staircase made of steel. The steps apparently extending to infinity. Each step seemed like an obstacle in a hurdle race. First half of the step made of steel and the rest half empty! Just like piano keys, black ones the solid steel and white was just void. In the normal stairs, you need mainly vertical motion of your leg, but here move your leg horizontally as well to cross the gap from which you can see the ground beneath waiting for you foot to get into the white space and got swallowed. It appeared like climbing a striped mountain one strip metallic and the other just transparent air!

It was tedious to climb that ‘peculiar  stairs’
When I reached the mid of it, I was panting, my heart was beating in the head… My eyes were paining as I hardly blinked to prevent falling from the stairs…..
I asked myself “how on earth they can make such a staircase???”
With all my strength…I reached its end only to encounter other awaiting challenge ‘SWINGS’
There were three broad, wooden made swings hanging from the ceiling, like stairs(in downward direction)
But there were large gaps within, which means… it is to be climbed like a super hero?😱
I was thoroughly exhausted both physically and mentally, but had no option… I had to pass this challenge because, I couldn’t, in any situation think to go back through that dangerous staircase…. I didn’t remember how I landed on my knees, because I just closed my eyes and jumped as hard I could that too 3 times.. But that costed me injury. 😩The mud on the floor striped off a layer from my skin on my knees. The mud meshed with raw pink flesh and was lightly oozing out the blood. I shrieked with pain but there was no one to help, the pain throbbed in my right knee. It was deep and warm…
I covered it with my handkerchief. At that moment I remembered how my mom used to run here and there for the first aid and instantly gave me golden (turmeric/haldi) milk
I somehow managed to stand on my feet, all my weight on left leg to prevent oozing of blood in right leg
There was something odd about the place. All the shine in the walls had evaporated and it wore a dull, dusty look, giving eerie feelings. 😞😫
The stillness of the air seemed to suck the sound of my footsteps and breath into the nothingness of the graveyard. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right. ‘Why its interior is in total contrast to its outer display’ I said to myself frustrated!
Finally I reached the dormitory. It was a big circular room with table chairs all around. But the girls therein weren’t normal they all have their hair hanging from their shoulders.. All were same…. Looking creepyπŸ€’πŸ˜²πŸ˜¨πŸ˜°

All the chairs were already occupied by the girls there, I was already exhausted, so I just rushed to my bed. I found my name in capital letters, scratched in the four poster bed. It was strangely embossed, as though some amateur has done the job.
I don’t remember for how long I slept but the condition in the dormitory was same as before! All the girls were doing same thing as before I slept! Those reading, were reading the same page; those writing, writing the same sentence.
I doubted myself, have I even slept or it was just a blink? I was all puzzled, while came a girl, in front of me. She was staring me with a clenched jaw. I asked her ‘what’s the matter?’ , but she just stared in my eyes. However, I gave away the eye contact and pulled up the blanket to my head. But she pulled it down, her blank, white shining eyes growing larger by every second, changing colour to bright silver..
A chill ran down my spine, when I saw all the other girls in dormitory moving slowly towards me, their eyes darted in my direction. ‘I should run from this place’ I said to myself. A feeling of dread crept up from the pit of my stomach. I sprinted up the aisle between the beds and the chairs. My heart in my ear, loud and irregular, but I barely heard it, for my mind was clouded with fear, as I ran out of the dormitory, barefoot. The only last thing I saw there was, all of them drawing to the handkerchief, lying on my bed, soaked in blood!! Fear crippled me, freezing every muscle of my body.
I ran with all my strength upstairs, hoping to see my father or any of teachers that would help me. Thankfully, there was an elevator for going upstairs. I sighed with relief. As I pressed the button (signed upwards), I felt someone hit hard on the back of my head. There was a big pause as my mind felt numb. My stomach felt sick, then one by one, l lost control of my limbs, until I clasped to the floor, as the life fluid was draining.. With my blurry eyes, I saw a hooded figure running backwards, evaporated into the thin air. Icy horror grab my heart and took even deeper hold of me..

For two hours I was there struggling to gather strength, but in vain, pain seared inside my head, making me handicap to move.
I just stared at the patch of starry sky, visible through the window beside elevator. It was dark, yet I could see objects around me shimmering in strange, vibrant colours.
The trees out there seemed not to rustle as if they tens with nerves for what was to come. I could describe it as creepy, eerie was closer to it.
The sky was devoid of shining stars and moon.
Soon that ominous silence was broken by the noise of a pair of steps, I could only see a paining, vibrant light bouncing here and there. As it hit the ceiling, I caught a glimpse of hundred of bats with their wings tucked in tight. The moment the beam hit, they flew, with much screeching the air above me was instantly alive with a flurry of black skin stretched over bone. They swooped, moving more like a liquid than a flock. In minutes, screeching had dissipated into footsteps coming near me. The pain no longe annoy me,as I lay on the floor.

I crossed to oblivion.

The curtain of life fell.

I experienced excruciating pain in my whole body, while I was being carried away to the hospital. It seemed my head had equally distributed its pain to each and every part of my body… That was my father but not actually he was. He was jinxed or hypnotised type of something, I was very sure as he couldn’t take this matter so lightly, leaving me in the bed of this dreadful school, all alone!

Next day, early morning, I saw a familiar person standing by the side of my bed, he seemed like a doctor, but without that white coat, dressed casually. He had fine ,soft , almost silk like hairs parted sideways , which he kept caressing to stop them from slipping to his forehead..He was writing something on his cardboard. He make me eat some medicine, just like my father! My eyes filled with tears! I hope I never decided to join this school, but to go with my parents.. I wish I could!

After an hour or so, I felt conscious. My vision cleared, there was “only” throbbing pain in my head and my stomach churned. But it got worse after I saw the face of doctor…I was drawn into a river of thoughts…. That person treating me.. Was no other person but very familiar one… Whom I can trust after my family…His short, thick black hair were reflecting the sunlight towards my blanket… His caring eyes tended my wounds… But I was surprised to know that he was here! He is not related to anything like medicine! He wasn’t supposed to be here?..
His cold touch ended my musings and I realized, he was asking me to show him the back of my head to apply some medicine. It was cold, a pure white liquid. I moved left, but I can still see him through the polished surface in front of me.
At first I screamed to my highest pitch, when I caught the sensation of the antiseptic… It was like igniting fire in my head!! But gradually it felt like cold ice which soothed me.
But it was in such a confused ο˜• state. I know him, he too, but we were like strangers. But his beady, small and round eyes, the eyes which are keen but also kind, his expressions were all same as my uncle!! I wished to say him, talk to him about what all I had been going through, but as my voice refused to come out..

Suddenly pain stabbed me sharply, my head seared again, more painful…
I opened my mouth to speak to the doctor but words were swallowed by the thin air before it could reach him.
My eyes were stinging painfully, tears crawled down my cheeks, expecting him to return and help. But just as he sensed something and was turning his steps towards me, my senses felt numb. My family slowly showed up from nowhere and were taking the appearance of ghost…
I was all alone ..I saw my father, sister mother, whom I could rely upon in the dark cloak…staring at me with blood in their eyes….my slightest hopes vanished into nothingness..
It made my stomach contract. They changed into glistening, graying and scabbed creatures. They took me to the farthest place, they could. A paralysing terror filled me so that I could not move or save myself. All was coming to an end…..all become so still, silent, peaceful……………………………….

Suddenly my heart pounded, my eyes snap open, I was shaking, I felt myself covered in cold sweat like a second skin.
I found myself lying on my bed of my sweet home. My heart still pounded with, all that adrenaline rush, my head still throbbed with pain…… But I was relieved…… It was a nightmare!!!

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19 thoughts on “Strange School 😱 (complete)

  1. Can’t believe I missed this post!
    I think you should make this into a novella anddddd
    …… Now that I read the story all in one go…. You are an AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re sooo goooddddddd! The story is not only intriguing, captivating and enchanting, but it has an eerily feel to it that lures me into reading more! There, honest feedback!
    In one word, this story is AWESOME and one of the Bessssstttttttttttttttttttt short stories I’ve read!
    Keep it up, I’m trying to be a great writer like you! And I’m looking forward to future amazing stories 😍😍😍

    Phoenix πŸ’–

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know what to write in reply……. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…I’m so happy!!!!!!!!!!! It’s nice to know my hard work bore fruit…………you like it!!! And thank very much nine!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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