Out of mind is out of sight!

‘Out of sight is out of mind’,
Is what I supposed to be so unkind,
Surrounded by the huge “crowd”,
I never tried to remove the cloud..

Happy for you, proud for you!
Looking forward to a long lasting brew,
In my happy moment you were treasured,
Making me a lot more than assured..

Missing those messages flooding chat,
Cause that was my irritating pleasure habitat..

After some time, there I stand,
Casting and recasting lumos with my wand,
Until I got to there, to the old happy times,
But the lumos fades just after it comes,

Empty chats, empty words, empty aspiration,
Say me the truth, rather than exaggeration,
Bitter truth is better than sugar coated lies,
But who cares? Who actually see the eyes?

And why even my eyes wasted droplets,
In between the lines, filling the goblets??

Out of sight out of mind is true!!!!
Sorry dear line not able to see what it value!
Off you go! I’ve made my mind,
Who is me for you to bind??

-Ashee Asiwal πŸ™‚

Published by Ashee Asiwal

Hi.. I'm just one of your friends trying to connect with u via this platform.. Pouring out my heart felt topicsss....... for about myself read about me.....

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