Strange School 😱(Part 1)

Hello to you all! Hope you are fine and happy 😊. So, I am sharing with you a story or incidence (self written, ofcourse) which I’ll try to post all parts soon.. For now, enjoy reading this part.. Part 1I don’t know whether you’ll believe or not but it happened with me… A very strangeContinue reading “Strange School 😱(Part 1)”

My Biggy cute sister(Happy Birthday)

Hello to all I’ve today written a short poem on my dear sister…. Though we fight, tease but we r always together… Tried to bring all the things between me and my sis in the poem My dear big sister,You have such soft cheeksSmooth, that will support myGreat tight slap going through the surface,Jokes apartYouContinue reading “My Biggy cute sister(Happy Birthday)”

The Penable Award

Hello everyone… Hope you are all fine and happy 😊 So I’m here to share something with you all. Today’s day is the best for me because its first time I’ve got Penable award from the very brilliant author H. R. Phoenix, in the Thursday Poem Writing Competition on the topic ‘Fragrance‘. I’m deeply honouredContinue reading “The Penable Award”

Unfortunate incidence of a child

Today I’m not posting any poem… But a story, whose memory will never be obliviated (erased) through my mind… It’s a bitter story….. It’s a story having association with my school….I can name it as an incidence as wellπŸ˜… So it’s in winter…. My teacher (my favourite oneπŸ˜…) selected me for a competition which wasContinue reading “Unfortunate incidence of a child”

Quilling Princess πŸ‘Έ

I’ve already posted the picture of a quilling doll which is made of paper strips, you know, 😁… So I’ve created another one but I’ll not simple call it a doll but a princess… ‘A stylish princess posing to attract all of you!’ so that someone would stop and see the beauty of her….. Actually,Continue reading “Quilling Princess πŸ‘Έ”

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