Out of mind is out of sight!

‘Out of sight is out of mind’, Is what I supposed to be so unkind, Surrounded by the huge “crowd”, I never tried to remove the cloud.. Happy for you, proud for you!Looking forward to a long lasting brew, In my happy moment you were treasured, Making me a lot more than assured.. Missing thoseContinue reading “Out of mind is out of sight!”

Childhood poem

Hi guys!! I had written the following poem 2 years ago, got inspired from many such poems on childhood….Hope you like it…. Those were the daysWhose memory I will cherish till the last dayI know it can’t come backBut don’t want to lose the way back All I was to playWith building blocks and mouldingContinue reading “Childhood poem”

Different colours 👨and different paper🌪️⚡

Hi everyone…. I’ve written a poem which is associated with my previous post… actually it’s the story of my previous post……… without wasting a moment… let’s get to the poem 😁😁 Scrolling 📜 down 👇 the videos available there,Hungry 🤤 for the Green 🎄light to unleash the talent,To find the piece that fills me withContinue reading “Different colours 👨and different paper🌪️⚡”

My mind has forgot you, but I don’t want it to

Hi everyone…… Here’s my new poem….. You’re the one I want to store in my heartBut yet my mind has forgot youMy head doesn’t hit the dartAnd I can’t even picture or imagine you I’ve just have my feelings deep buried insideYearning to once again glideThough not destined to meet again in lifeBut still aContinue reading “My mind has forgot you, but I don’t want it to”

Incredible Golden Trio💛

The incredible golden trio I admire,Whose bond of friendship always inspire, Long journey kick started by the incident of troll,To be there for each other is their prime goal, From heroism to hospitality and allegiance,To the finest quality of leadership and brilliance, Perfectly balancing strength with one another,Always available to help, support but also straightContinue reading “Incredible Golden Trio💛”

I see you frequently in my dream!!!!

To the one’s I’m missing in this lockdown!!!! Don’t know what to doAs I see you frequently in my dreamDon’t know if I miss youBut I see you in my life as a gleam Brightening up all the candles of my lifeMake me learn to laugh even when I cry You always inspiring me toContinue reading “I see you frequently in my dream!!!!”

A poem on Love for The Pure And True Love

Hi everyone! I’m today sharing with you a poem (you may know about what! As you can see the title 😜) So, Given the phase of life I’m in, moulded by my experiences I’d, some really good and some heartbreaking too…… So I longer love a person (except my family) but love their attributes andContinue reading “A poem on Love for The Pure And True Love”

My Biggy cute sister(Happy Birthday)

Hello to all I’ve today written a short poem on my dear sister…. Though we fight, tease but we r always together… Tried to bring all the things between me and my sis in the poem My dear big sister,You have such soft cheeksSmooth, that will support myGreat tight slap going through the surface,Jokes apartYouContinue reading “My Biggy cute sister(Happy Birthday)”

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