A poem on Love for The Pure And True Love

Hi everyone! I’m today sharing with you a poem (you may know about what! As you can see the title 😜) So, Given the phase of life I’m in, moulded by my experiences I’d, some really good and some heartbreaking too…… So I longer love a person (except my family) but love their attributes andContinue reading “A poem on Love for The Pure And True Love”

The Penable Award

Hello everyone… Hope you are all fine and happy 😊 So I’m here to share something with you all. Today’s day is the best for me because its first time I’ve got Penable award from the very brilliant author H. R. Phoenix, in the Thursday Poem Writing Competition on the topic ‘Fragrance‘. I’m deeply honouredContinue reading “The Penable Award”

Better to be imperfect

This idea I got from the great motivational speaker Muniba Mazari…. She is the great woman of present times…. Also called iron lady… Her video inspires me a lot…. Her every word is like golden words capable of inspiring each and every soul on this earth 🌍…..her every sentence is like a quote.. I wouldContinue reading “Better to be imperfect”

Mahabharata songπŸ™πŸ™

I think the best gift I got in the lockdown is the opportunity to see mahabharata episodes once again…. Years ago when it was started I only watched it but doesn’t understood anything… The lessons they want to give to us…. So now as I am understanding and watching the episodes.. I want to shareContinue reading “Mahabharata songπŸ™πŸ™”

😒 😩

Why our eyes cry?Can it be possibly remove all our wry?Tears well up in my eyes,roll down the cheeksThinking all the bad happeningsIn my lifeIn school or in anywhereWhy words that are like sword, sometimePinch me time to timeForcing me to cry loudYet I keep it to myselfRemembering I’ve to be strongEven if my heartContinue reading “😒 😩”

Better u suggest a title!!

We shouldn’t smile for the selfies, we should also smile with the families..We should not have the fun with alcohol, we should also have fun with all in the hall…We shouldn’t live for the future, we live for the few here, few here and few everywhere So just like rainbow spread happiness…. Be with yourContinue reading “Better u suggest a title!!”

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