Thank you!!!!!!

Hello everyone! Hope you are all fine and healthy!!!

First of all I would like to thank you all for the support, courage, motivation, you provided me to improve myself… It’s means a lot to me… each and every one of my followers!!!!!!

I started this blog in the lockdown, like most 😅 of us 😁😁😁… Trying to improve my English writing skills and much more in which I’ve interest… Moreover it also helped me from being an introvert to an ambivert..(which I want to be 😄)…

Starting in April, with the help of my thoughts on life then writing some poems and supported by my favorite hobby Quilling i.e. Using paper strips for making amazing things (I know that you know 😜😜😁…. Oh god it was trending among school students.. When I started 😄😄😄) (Almost 5 – 6 years ago.. With basics)

When I started, the tag line I chose was “Everything in one place”.. And somehow I’m able to do that poems, Quilling, thoughts, story, Craft, Sketch, painting also 🤩(you can search them by writing ashee quil, ashee poem, ashee thought, ashee story, ashee craft, ashee sketch, ashee paint….in your glowing reader search section) I’ve recently categorised them by adding these tags 🤔🤔 Otherwise it’s easy to locate on website 😁😉…… Few of my creations below!

Moreover, I want your suggestions as well, what you Want to see on my blog, on which thing I should work on or what you liked the most on my blog…. Comment box is hungry for your responses!!!!!!!

Once again thank you so muchhhhh….

~Ashee Asiwal

A story in poem!

Just a random poem….. For me a poem is an outlet when one is overflowed with emotions… What about you?

Sometimes I’m cool sometimes not,
In my life something’s brought,
Initially it was my wish and my want,
But no more any my wish and my want!

Tragedy was the cause, is a white lie ;
Acts and thoughts were weapons to amplify,
Thread of trust is a delicate one..
Easy to be broken but difficult to attain!

Lies, fakeness, artificiality was the base,
To be used in each and every case,
That broken thread, now again is churned,
But till what time? Is it supposed to be burned?

Anger surged and seared in the heart,
But did I have to refer ‘to be wise chart?’
Sometimes it doesn’t work, doesn’t appeal..
To my head,.. to my heart, for every deal!

All glitters are not gold, all seemingly gentle not soft!
Appearance can be deceptive, face can be masked!
With every shine existed the dark!!!
But I’m up with arms to remove the dark mark!

~By Ashee Asiwal

Strange School 😱

I don’t know whether you’ll believe or not but it happened with me… A very strange incidence. One day, previous year only…I got up to hear different unbearable noises which were coming from the other rooms of my house. When I […]

Strange School 😱 (complete)

Hello everyone!! This story a horror one….. Written by me ofc 😂😅 a month ago… When I’ve just a few blogger friends! This story is close to my heart! Something I love very much!! So I want you to take time and read it!!!!

Have a nice day! And do comment if you got any creepy vibes? 😆

Wanna know you better

Hello everyone 🤗🤗
So I’ve been nominated by Bhavya of Bhavya creative corner for Wanna know you better!!!
She is an excellent blogger and a lovely friend!! ✨✨With her pen she can do wonders,leaving you mesmerized….Do visit her blog, and you’ll find a beautiful💕 world there, to bring a smile😊 on your face and also adventure 😁😁😁

This challenge “Wanna Know You Better!” has been started by a blogger Riya! She holds a divine collection of thoughts.💭💭 Do visit her blog, and you’ll be able to dive in deep sea of thoughts!!!!

Now its time for Bhavya’s Questions for me 😉😉😉Let’s begin⌚⌚


Q.1 Have you ever been foolhardy? When? Why? Describe briefly.

Umm.. Literally I’ve spent so much of time thinking about when and why? 😂🤔
So I think yes.. When I (with family of course, not One but two including my mosi’s as well) went to patni top… It was heavily raining, and you can imagine the dark sky in the mountains and despite that, we decided to carry on and climb the mountain through the help of horses… So it was just 5-7 minutes we started……. My horse slipped.. Cause of of mud! And threw me and my mom on ground 😢😢. I don’t remember what happened then.. But luckily we both were safe 👍👍

Q.2 How do you prefer the curtains, drawn or pulled apart?

Well it depends! Cause my house is two side open and through one side we can see the sunrise and through the other sunset…
So in the morning, it is preferred that curtains are pulled apart but in afternoon when shops around my house put on their ACs, we’ve to draw the curtains (cause of their heat blazing ac outlets)

Q.3 What kind of a “dream home” you dream about?

I dream about a home that an IAS officer would get from his job 👮‍♀️😂

Q.4 If you had the power to transfigure into an animal/bird/insect as per your will what would you’ve chosen? Why? (Only one allowed!)

I would’ve chosen bird…who in this world doesn’t like to fly? 😜

Q.5 If I offer you Watermelon or a Chocolate ice-cream during summer what will you choose? Why?

I will choose a chocolate ice-cream, cause it’s a cumbersome for me to eat watermelon 😅😅 first its seeds, and other my hands all get covered with watermelon gloves 🤣

And bhavya if you have added this question… remember I would definitely take a Chocolate ice-cream from you.. whenever we’ll meet next 😉😉😁

Q.6 In your home what’s your favourite inanimate object and tell me the reason behind that?

My Quilling kit… Cause I love it 😍

Q.7 If you had got an opportunity to make somebody else’s blog (except mine) yours which blog would you’ve swapped with? (Take it as a compulsion. I know we all love our own creations and couldn’t dream of exchange! I just want to know your favourite blog)

I would’ve swapped with Chetna’s blog.. I don’t know from where she gets the idea of topic to write upon…
Chetna make sure your blog is well protected…. Cause I’m gonna hack it 🤣😈😈👻

Q.8 Which is/was your favourite swing in the park?

Cause you’ve mentioned which park I could make use of loophole and can say about adventure and water park 😁😁
I don’t remember the names but I can show you via picture…

It rotates 360° 😱😱
It’s looking fine from here but it’s not 😁
For three four second y o u would be in air 😜

Q.9 Anything you would like to suggest me to become better? (You can’t answer Nothing)

😅😅😅What are you asking bhanu?! .. 😦
Try craft as well 😄😄and horror story

Q.10 How do you feel about God? (I know you can write a novel on this but just tell me in less than 100 words)

God is everything…. I think it’s about doing good to others and ourselves… Being a bit of altruist. And he’s something when we can always rely upon with our life….I remember when our results came out, I was frozen… It was only God that calmed me down…
And he has excellent plans for us… Treasure of happiness and a schedule of life test with exciting experiences.


  1. Title the blog post as “Wanna know you better!!”
  2. Describe Riya’s blog and a put link to her post.
  3. Describe and thank the one who nominated you.
  4. Copy all the questions and answer them one by one.
  5. You may create your own questions for your targets
  6. Pass the game as a challenge to any of your favourite bloggers and mention them in your post.
  7. Add a link of your post in the comment section of the Host and nominees below so that they would come to know about you.
  8. State the steps.


1. Arshnoor Kaur of its the bibliophile

2. Live love laugh learn

3. Hannah

4. Offshore writings

5. Magic normal life

6. Words snow heart

7. Jay blue of The Fragrance writer


  1. How you started blogging?
  2. What is your favourite fictional character? Why?
  3. When you’re in trouble, what do you do? Who aids you?
  4. Your best and worst moment up till now?
  5. One thing you want to change in the country and in your life?
  6. What you want to become? Your dream job?
  7. Tell us about a funny moment in your school/workplace.
  8. What prompts you to write your post?
  9. Describe your blog’s name. Why you chose it?
  10. Do you like Harry Potter novels? State an incident in it you love the most.

Umm… It was hard to choose bloggers whom I wanna know better…. Cause my list would be in hundreds 😂.. So anyone who is interested in answering these questions are welcome and do notify me so I can read your amazing answers!!!!!!

Time heals everything

Hi everyone.. Hope you all are happy and safe!

Time indeed heals everything… Every negative notion or feeling also fades away with the passage of time!!!!!

It’s like an ice cube placed under the the hot blazing sun……………………

Ice cube❄️ how hard it looks when it is chilled in refrigerator, difficult to break it then…..

But as we put it under the sun☀️🌞…..With time it melts, leaving its identity and even water💦 evaporates… Leaving the presence of it…. There is only some little tiny marks left of water, even if left……. But that also fades with time…

It’s also like with a bad memory or negative emotion as well….. It’s seems hard to forget or come over it at the very beginning but time comes to our aid and slowly slowly everything comes right……. And sometimes we often feel why we were so upset about it??? (it often happens with me😜)

Do share your views and opinions in the comment box….. Have a nice day!

May be I can change

Lying on my teddy bear bed
Gazing at the ceiling of my room
Diving in the deepest thoughts
Gliding over my dreams
Trying to devise a new future
I lay motionless
Doing nothing but introspecting
The things I could have done
Some more friends I could have made
Some broken relations I could have avoided
Or have not allowed the past to eat my future
Maybe I can change something!
Maybe I can change!!!!

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