May be I can change

Lying on my teddy bear bed
Gazing at the ceiling of my room
Diving in the deepest thoughts
Gliding over my dreams
Trying to devise a new future
I lay motionless
Doing nothing but introspecting
The things I could have done
Some more friends I could have made
Some broken relations I could have avoided
Or have not allowed the past to eat my future
Maybe I can change something!
Maybe I can change!!!!

Childhood poem

Hi guys!! I had written the following poem 2 years ago, got inspired from many such poems on childhood….Hope you like it….

Those were the days
Whose memory I will cherish till the last day
I know it can't come back
But don't want to lose the way back
All I was to play
With building blocks and moulding clay
Innocence was written large on face
Not mixed with any pinch of selfish trace
Time when magic was real
Which nobody miserly tear
When I was blue eyed girl for everyone
Used to have every moment full of fun
But I know has grown up a little
And forgot so how to giggle
World appear seems to have changed
All mechanically do work to be waged
Selfishness has taken over innocence
Carefree attitude has transformed into tense
All have wore face mask
Always tried to push one another in dark
Child's wishes are now grown up demands
Clear hearted dreams are clearly misunderstood 😔
Genuinity has been thrown in Dump Yard
Hard to put back even they are away a mile yard
So as world 🌏 has transformed
So should I to be get cold blooded
Change before one more hard spell
Do aveda Kedavara on heart
To none I can tell
When some other rip it apart
Though its impossible, I would like to try
To make a pause and cry to remove all my wry
To open door to go back in time
Far from money loss and gain
Away from miserable feeling of grief and pain
To be that innocent girl once again
To live that cherish life once again!!!

Thank u for reading 📖

By Ashee Asiwal

Different colours 👨and different paper🌪️⚡

Hi everyone…. I’ve written a poem which is associated with my previous post… actually it’s the story of my previous post………

this one!!!! created by me

without wasting a moment… let’s get to the poem 😁😁

Scrolling 📜 down 👇 the videos available there,
Hungry 🤤 for the Green 🎄light to unleash the talent,
To find the piece that fills me with Orange light,
It’s only candle’s sparkling ✨ bright White light,
Tried to copy the Pink❤️ artwork of one,
Without using my Blue ❄️ skills and talent,
Ended up having Red🚫 artwork and all vain,
Then only introspection of my Black ⚫and White⚪ remain,
Found out all are Different Colours🌈 of the pallette,
Having Different canvas or paper📄 though seems white,
So did spread my own Bright skill colours🌈 on the white paper,
Though it started with Dark Dull Black⚫,
But at last caught that Bright white light☄️,
Mixed the colors with my own Skinny fingers🤚,
Was filled with Yellow🌞😊💛, and learned a lesson which upon my painting linger!!!!!!!

This is not a poem but a lesson for me indeed!!!!! And also by posting this on blog its my reminder to the same…. “” All are different in all aspects and all have got different life, different obstacles and opportunities and their respective solutions and ways though we all seem same… HUMANS””

As I said all are different so hold different perspective for everything.. so there’s a list of what I thought about colours!!!!

GREEN – It’s in traffic light….signalling go… as so stands for new, freshness as leaves and trees…. and so in work opportunity!!!!

ORANGE – a bright color to give me boost and give me determination to complete a task

WHITE – you all know!!!!!! it’s the same for me!!!

PINK- most flowers are associated with it and so there’s beauty!!!

BLUE – truth, real, oneself, true,…

Red-it is something associated with heart, but also heart break, but here it’s a sign of danger or stop and failure

BLACK AND WHITE – I learned it while writing it mean past!!! whoa new thing for me

YELLOW-a bright color signifying filling me with happiness 😊😊😊

I’ve tried ,first time ever, poem without rhyming (though its has in some lines)…. Hope you all like it

Tried My Hand At A Different Piece Of Art

Hello everyone!!!! Hope you all are fine and Happy!!!!!!

So yesterday I’ve tried something new….a new type of art….so here we go……

Candle lighting in dark…By Ashee Asiwal

It was hard for me to complete 😅 cause I was giving up in between.. But yeah I completed it…….. as you saw😃😃😃

Hope you like it!!!

My mind has forgot you, but I don’t want it to

Hi everyone…… Here’s my new poem…..

You’re the one I want to store in my heart
But yet my mind has forgot you
My head doesn’t hit the dart
And I can’t even picture or imagine you

I’ve just have my feelings deep buried inside
Yearning to once again glide
Though not destined to meet again in life
But still a hope is there to once again in those happy moments I want to dive

Though I’ve never talked much to you
But your presence was just amazing
Topped with our long crazy trips
Which my album allow me never to forgot it and peep….

By Ashee

Incredible Golden Trio💛

The incredible golden trio I admire,
Whose bond of friendship always inspire,

Long journey kick started by the incident of troll,
To be there for each other is their prime goal,

From heroism to hospitality and allegiance,
To the finest quality of leadership and brilliance,

Perfectly balancing strength with one another,
Always available to help, support but also straight to each other,

They share whatever they have, if it be knowledge,
Or it be candy or even it be family’s love and porridge,

Never underestimating each other’s talent,
Rather their true contribution was all equivalent,

From the precious bond of friendship they get their fame,
HARRY, RON AND HERMIONE are their epic name!!!

Google images
Google Images

I remember in Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, Malfoy said that he was always jealous of their friendship and Ginny agrees to it as well…….. At that time I realised I also to some extent 😅 always yearn for this kind of friendship!!

I see you frequently in my dream!!!!

To the one’s I’m missing in this lockdown!!!!

Don’t know what to do
As I see you frequently in my dream
Don’t know if I miss you
But I see you in my life as a gleam

Brightening up all the candles of my life
Make me learn to laugh even when I cry
You always inspiring me to strive
I know, I told you to leave me and say bye

Not to disturb me everytime I sleep,
Whether its a sweet dream or a nightmare,
But still when I see you, I do struggle and peep
Knowing you do and will always care

After such a long time I see you again
And now want you to live in my dream town
Cause I don’t know when we will meet again
Cause I don’t know, will this end or not, this time of lockdown

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