Acknowledgement From An Art To An Art

In this lockdown I’ve created as many earrings, miniature quilling pieces as I could from the limited quantity of strips I had……. Now I am left alone only with tools that are of no use to quil without the strips……

So I’ve tried to acknowledge the art of quilling with the art of poetry…..

Being inspired by the quotes of great artist like Picasso and many other I’ve written the following poem… (also with their quotes)

Art is amazing & surprising 
As I tend to make something from the image
Though taking in risk very much of hardwork in vain
But ends up in making a new unique creative quilling

But that's what that gave happiness in the end
To create something new or different
No matter how long it takes but All I do is to quill quill and quill

Washing away the dust of life from soul
Is the art of quilling in which the stripes I roll
It's a way to find the inner self At the same losing the outer self
Utmost satisfaction is all i get From the final quilling piece I create

Although it makes my mind to spin
To create a different quilling piece or new poem
But that's the best way of self rejuvenation
By broadening the mind base to fill up with imagination!!!

By Ashee Asiwal

Mahabharata songπŸ™πŸ™

I think the best gift I got in the lockdown is the opportunity to see mahabharata episodes once again…. Years ago when it was started I only watched it but doesn’t understood anything… The lessons they want to give to us…. So now as I am understanding and watching the episodes.. I want to share this song with all of you… I get goosebumps every time I hear the song… It’s lyrics enriched with the most beautiful language sanskrit really touch every heart…

So I’m sharing a YouTube video in which the cast of Mahabharata(2013) is singing (mimic actually) the song… With all their hearts…

Source : YouTube

Lyrics with English translation

hai katha sangram ki
(this story is of war)

vishwa ke kalyan ki
(and of the world’s welfare)

dharm adharm adi anant
(good and evil, never-ending)

satya asatya kalesh kalank
(truths and lies, faults and blames)

swarth ki katha paramarth ki
(of greed and a story of god)

shakti hai bhakti hai
(of power and devotion)

janmo ki mukti hai
(of freedom and salvation)

jeevan ka ye sampoorn saar hai
(and everything else there is in life)

yug yug se, kan kan mein
(of all ages, of all moments)

srishti ke darpan mein
(a mirror for the world)

vedon ki katha apar hai
(unmatched like the vedas)

karmon ki gaatha hai
(a story of one’s deeds)

devon ki bhasha hai
(in the language of the gods)

sadiyon ke itihaas ka pramaan hai
(a proof of aeons of history)

krishna ki mahima hai
(krishna is its glory)

gita ki garima hai
(the gita is its pride)

grantho ka granth yeh mahaan hai
(it is the greatest of all tales)


I thank the creator of this beautiful song and the creator of this series/episodes…. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Gifted New beginning..

Just like a broken piece of glass
I was travelling with my eyeglass
When you came and conquered
And filled my life with new rays

Those new hopes gave me a new beginning
Gave opportunity to turn over a new leaf
To go to great heights
With your support at the back

Those of your reaction and expressions were very unique
Filled the atmosphere with every possible happiness/laugh
Those of your each and every words make my day
Which I stored in my treasure from the first day

The treasure I would keep with me every time
To see you oh my dear friend
So that I could see the moments we shared
To get the happiness that I once experienced..

By Ashee Asiwal

Which thing is the most fragile?

You can simply find the answer in the poem

Seems it glass is the most fragile
Or artifacts are fragile
But the the most fragile is human heart β™₯
It can easily be broken with just mere words
It can be broken because of ignorance
Broken of other’s cruelness
Like a teddy bear stitched with broken pieces of glass rather fur
It took no time to hug the the fragile human heart
And leave all it apart….

By Ashee Asiwal

Quilling Butterfly

I think butterfly πŸ¦‹ is the most beautiful insect…. Also its story about unfettered hardwork is worldwide known…..

Today morning is the the best which I’ve recorded and very cautiously added to my treasure… Where in balcony first time ever I not only got to see the beautiful butterfly but also able to touch it…. Like in movies it does leave it color on my index finger.. When I touched her… Quite surprisingly it was she who flew to my hand which was full of fresh green leaves…. It was a wonderful experience… Yet I was unable to capture the moment in camera.. So I tried to make it using my quilling skill.. Hope you like it!!!!!

Thank you for visiting the post 😊

Quilling earrings(set 3)

It seems I’ve become addicted to quilling earrings… Till now posted 3 times… Different earrings…. In choosing colors for the earrings I was bit confused but in last chose the 2 standard colors…. Peach and black/dark brown that suits on all…..

Here, on special suggestion/recommendation of my mumma I made stud earrings for her..

Stud earrings made by Ashee Asiwal

And now my favourite hanging earrings 😁😁😁I love the way they hang from earlobes to shoulder.. πŸ’•

Mysterious Friend

Don’t know when it was,
I became friend of yours..
Yet we don’t talk like friends,
But for me you are my dear friend!!

Those caring, shinning eyes;
Those limited words and little conversation;
Those little gestures & reactions;
Are etched in me so high!

Although meetings were short,
But enough to remember till my life abort….
Hope my dream come true of that event I’ve imagined…
To meet you my friend once again….

Golden Memories

I think its only our memories that we are able to cop up with difficulties and that lead us forward….

Just as in Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix, it was only good memories (of friends and sirius etc.) that helped harry to fight(through occulmency) Voldemort while he used Legilimens to access Harry’s thoughts and feelings, to influence them. Inspired by it and a quote that I read on Google I wrote a poem…

Quote was

Source :Google Images

Golden Memories

There are some memories, 
That I want to live again...
I know it's not only with me, 
Cause there's many who want the same.

I wish I could store them in my computer,
Not only pics or videos but feelings too...
I wish I could really travel through time,
And live all those moments once again that are all mine!!

I wish I could gather some gadget doraemon would have,
For which I desperately crave...
I wish I could have a wand and pensieve(of harry potter),
I wish I could collect those memories to re-live!!

I would be delighted to live that once again..
By putting head in pensieve, I will no longer be abstained..
Re-living each and every moment of happiness,
Filled with liveliness & exuberance.
(please scroll to side to read full poem) 
Extracting the memories & storing them
Pouring them in pensieve
Re-living those once again

Thanks for reading

By Ashee Asiwal

To Forget

I’ve written this from heart and also tried to depict the same with gifs and images to understand it better and also it has reference to harry potter series and fantastic beast movie..(please scroll across the content, sideways, if you r seeing it from mobile)

To forget
I want to forget the pain
That hurts me
The past that haunts me
The moment that saddens me
The people that have betrayed me

I want to pile those memories
And leave them on shelf for dust to gather
For pest to eat that away
For some who could delete them away
Piled up bad memories
Sometimes going through it
I insanely wanted a wizard of Harry's time
To obliviate me for the bad times
Or some beasts*  to pour that rain on me
*The fantastic beasts called Frank The Thunderbird that removes all the bad memories
The rain through which all bad memories were removed
So I could lead my life only with memories of good time
Without any guilt and pain of past
With happy memories

By Ashee Asiwal

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