Thank you!!!!!!

Hello everyone! Hope you are all fine and healthy!!! First of all I would like to thank you all for the support, courage, motivation, you provided me to improve myself… It’s means a lot to me… each and every one of my followers!!!!!! I started this blog in the lockdown, like most 😅 of usContinue reading “Thank you!!!!!!”

Time heals everything

Hi everyone.. Hope you all are happy and safe! Time indeed heals everything… Every negative notion or feeling also fades away with the passage of time!!!!! It’s like an ice cube placed under the the hot blazing sun…………………… Ice cube❄️ how hard it looks when it is chilled in refrigerator, difficult to break it then…..Continue reading “Time heals everything”

Different colours 👨and different paper🌪️⚡

Hi everyone…. I’ve written a poem which is associated with my previous post… actually it’s the story of my previous post……… without wasting a moment… let’s get to the poem 😁😁 Scrolling 📜 down 👇 the videos available there,Hungry 🤤 for the Green 🎄light to unleash the talent,To find the piece that fills me withContinue reading “Different colours 👨and different paper🌪️⚡”

Find happiness in dark clouds!

Easily said than done, isn’t it? 😅 Well, when you’re enveloped in sadness, it’s very hard to find even the glimpse of light, and even harder to walk to that path, rendering all the sad thoughts, on which you’ve crying upon!!! But that’s life with ups and down! It takes our test, even if weContinue reading “Find happiness in dark clouds!”

Better to be imperfect

This idea I got from the great motivational speaker Muniba Mazari…. She is the great woman of present times…. Also called iron lady… Her video inspires me a lot…. Her every word is like golden words capable of inspiring each and every soul on this earth 🌍…..her every sentence is like a quote.. I wouldContinue reading “Better to be imperfect”

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