Quilling earring (set 2)

As the lockdown days are rolling by, All I’m busy in thinking what should be made nextšŸ˜.. Something unique.. Something special… Different… so I’ve made the following… with my own design.. Thinking of my own mind.. Both hanging and studs…earrings.. So here is what I have made until now.. Please like and share if uContinue reading “Quilling earring (set 2)”

Quilling earrings

So keeping in touch with my hobby today I’ve made “Quilling Earrings” Different styles in different colours, unique design, completely weightless…… So here is the black and light brown earrings……. A flower in circling garden……. And here is royal designed velvety red and pink earrings…. So that’s all for now… If u want to getContinue reading “Quilling earrings”

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