May be I can change

Lying on my teddy bear bedGazing at the ceiling of my roomDiving in the deepest thoughtsGliding over my dreamsTrying to devise a new futureI lay motionlessDoing nothing but introspectingThe things I could have doneSome more friends I could have madeSome broken relations I could have avoidedOr have not allowed the past to eat my futureMaybeContinue reading “May be I can change”

Childhood poem

Hi guys!! I had written the following poem 2 years ago, got inspired from many such poems on childhood….Hope you like it…. Those were the daysWhose memory I will cherish till the last dayI know it can’t come backBut don’t want to lose the way back All I was to playWith building blocks and mouldingContinue reading “Childhood poem”

I see you frequently in my dream!!!!

To the one’s I’m missing in this lockdown!!!! Don’t know what to doAs I see you frequently in my dreamDon’t know if I miss youBut I see you in my life as a gleam Brightening up all the candles of my lifeMake me learn to laugh even when I cry You always inspiring me toContinue reading “I see you frequently in my dream!!!!”

Acknowledgement From An Art To An Art

In this lockdown I’ve created as many earrings, miniature quilling pieces as I could from the limited quantity of strips I had……. Now I am left alone only with tools that are of no use to quil without the strips…… So I’ve tried to acknowledge the art of quilling with the art of poetry….. BeingContinue reading “Acknowledgement From An Art To An Art”

Gifted New beginning..

Just like a broken piece of glassI was travelling with my eyeglassWhen you came and conqueredAnd filled my life with new rays Those new hopes gave me a new beginningGave opportunity to turn over a new leafTo go to great heightsWith your support at the back Those of your reaction and expressions were very uniqueFilledContinue reading “Gifted New beginning..”

Which thing is the most fragile?

You can simply find the answer in the poem Seems it glass is the most fragileOr artifacts are fragileBut the the most fragile is human heart ♥It can easily be broken with just mere wordsIt can be broken because of ignoranceBroken of other’s cruelnessLike a teddy bear stitched with broken pieces of glass rather furItContinue reading “Which thing is the most fragile?”

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